Wilcity Translation

You can use translation files that shared by Wilcity customers https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ombk5vaw7t2xz29/AAAKh-ot75gt4NlHP6WLd55da?dl=0

I. Translating with Loco Translate

  1. From the admin sidebar, click on Plugins -> Add New -> Install Loco Translate plugin
  2. Once this plugin has been activated, you will see Loco Translate on the sidebar, click on it
  3. Translate Wilcity: Click on Themes -> Search for “Wilcity” -> Choose a language: Select your Language -> Choose Location: We recommend using System option
  4. Translate Wilicty to your Language
  5. Do the same with Wilcity’s plugins: Click on Loco -> Plugins -> Search for “Wilcity”, “Wiloke” keywords

II. Translating config.translation.php (before Wilcity

  1. Open the package that downloaded from https://themeforest.net/downloads, you will see a file call wilcity-childtheme.zip
  2. Extract this file -> create configs folder under wilcity-childtheme folder
  3. Copy wilcity -> configs -> config.translation.php to wilcity-childtheme -> configs folder.
  4. Open this file with a text editor -> Start to translate to your language like this instruction
    'askForAllowAccessingLocationTitle' => 'My Language',

II. Wilcity Translation Helper – Translating config.translation.php (since

Since Wilcity, You won’t have to translate config.translation.php like before, You can do it with Loco instead.

  1. Click on Wilcity Service -> Install Wilcity Translation Helper plugin
  2. Install and Activate Wilcity Child Theme
  3. Click on Loco -> Themes -> Wilcity
  4. Click on Sync button
  5. Translate Wilcity theme like I. Translating with Loco Translate.
  6. Finally, click on Sync Wilcity Translation

III. Translating Single Navigation and AddListing page

With the Single Navigation, You can enter your language directly.

IV. Translating Hero Search Form and Main Search Form.

It’s the same Single Navigation, You can translate it directly under:

Wiloke Tools -> [Your Directory Type] Settings -> Hero Search Form / Main Search Form

Some customers shared with us their translations, You can reach it at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ombk5vaw7t2xz29/AAAKh-ot75gt4NlHP6WLd55da?dl=0


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