3. Setting up PayPal gateway in Wilcity (Skip this step If you are using Purchasing Listing via WooCommerce)

Warning: As PayPal design, PayPal won’t charge a subscription immediately, It may take up a few hours or 1 day after a Payment is created.

1. Creating PayPal App

To create a PayPal app, please go to this link https://developer.paypal.com/developer/applications

Next, click on My Apps & Credentials 

then scroll down to Rest API apps section.

Click Create App button -> Complete all settings there

Finally, click Create App button.

1.1: Sandbox App

Once you have clicked on Create App button, PayPal will generate a sandbox account immediately. It will look like this

Now, log into your site -> From the admin sidebar, click on Wiloke Submission  -> PayPal Settings -> PayPal Sandbox

1.2. Live App

To create a Live app, please switch to Live mode

Because PayPal requires a Business account, so if your account is a Personal account, please upgrade to Business account before continuing the next steps How do I upgrade my PayPal Personal Account to a Business Account?

Similar to Sandbox app, PayPal will generate a Client ID and a Secret is taken immediately for you.

To set up the Live App in Wilcity, from the admin sidebar, click on Wiloke Submission  -> PayPal Settings -> PayPal live.

2. Setup PayPal Webhook

Webhooks are HTTP callbacks that receive notification messages for events. In Wilcity, Webhooks is very important. For example: When your customer decides to Cancel his/her Subscription, they PayPal will send a message to your site,Wilcity will catch this message, check the customer account and disable their Submission permission. Or when an automatic payment has proceeded, PayPal will send a message to announce about that,Wilcity will catch this message and auto-generate an invoice.

To setup the PayPal Webhook for your App, please click on Add Webhook button

Similar to Stripe Configuration and TwoCheckout Configuration, the URL will follow this structure


Note that PayPal requires a https protocol instead of http protocol, it means that you have to activate SSL for your site. But don’t worry, because we have https://letsencrypt.org/ and it’s free.

Event Types setting:

Make sure that these settings are checked:

Finally, click Save button to complete your configuration.

Next step: Setting up Add Listing page

After completing the final step, You can test this feature by following this tutorial 

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