Step 2: Setting up Package

  1. If you still not setup Listing Package, please read ad follow Setting up Listing Package
  2. You can assign this plan to your Directory Type Directly by using Belongs To feature or go to Wiloke Submission -> Package Settings 
  3. Finally, Click Save Changes
The Plan is separate. You CAN NOT use a plan for more than 2 Directory Type.

Setting up Payment Gateways

There are 2 options:

Purchasing Listing Plan via Wiloke Submission

Wilcity supports 3 gateways: PayPal, Stripe and Direct Bank Transfer. If these gateways are sufficient for your purpose, You can use them.

To complete Wiloke Submission setting, please follow these tutorials:

  1. Setting up Checkout page
  2. Setting up PayPal gateway
  3. Setting up Stripe gateway
  4. Setting up Direct Bank Transfer gateway
  5. Setting up Add Listing Page

Purchasing Listing Plan via WooCommerce

  • Question: When we should use this feature?
  • Answer: When your country does not support Stripe, PayPal and you don’t want to use Direct Bank Transfer.

To setup this feature, please follow these tutorials:

  1. Purchasing Add Listing Plan and Add event plan via WooCommerce
  2. Setting up Add Listing Page

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