Setting up Order By For My Search Page

Listing Order

Before getting to this feature, please pay attention to Search Fields Settings under Wiloke Tools -> Listing Settings -> Main Search Form:

There are 2 options for Order By:

#1 You can separately it to each button on the Search page like this

#2 Or you can add them to a Dropdown field like this

You SHOULD NOT use the both options at the same time.

If you are using the second option, you can set the Default Order By right on this field setting

Otherwise, please go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Search Settings

Event Order

If you are using Search V2, We recommend setting up Event Order looks like this:

An example:

We have Event A and Event B. Event A is started at: 1 March 2020. Event B is started at: 2 March 2020.

If you set Order to ASC, Event A will get higher priority than Event B

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