Setting up Direct Bank Transfer gateway in Wilcity

1. Set up Direct Bank Transfer

  1. Firstly, Make sure that you are using the latest version of Wilcity, please refer to to know how to upgrade to the latest version.
  2. Now, log into your admin area
  3. Next, click on Wiloke Submission -> Looking for Payment gateways setting and then select Direct Bank Transfer gateway.
  4. Scroll down to Direct Bank Transfer setting, then set up your bank accounts.

2. How Direct Bank Transfer works

Once the user clicked on Pay & Public button, your Bank Account will be displayed on the checkout page like this

If the customers click on Direct Bank Transfer button, they will receive an email that contains your Bank Accounts Information as well.

3. Change Bank Transfer Order Status

To change order status, From the admin sidebar, click on Wiloke Submission -> Subscriptions / Sales -> Order -> Changing Order Status


Direct Bank Transfer and Recurring Payment

For example, Howard Roark subscribed plan A via Direct Bank Transfer, and his subscription was expired yesterday. To extend his order, you should increase Next Billing Date value.

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