My Footer is missing after updating to 1.4.x

Elementor Header and Footer

If you are using Elementor Pro to customize Header / Footer a page, please make sure that the Page Template is set to Wilcity Page Builder

Wilcity Child Theme

If you are using Wilcity Child Theme, and the following files have been added to the Child Theme, you must add the below code before get_footer();


List of files:

  1. templates/search-without-map.php
  2. templates/confirm-account.php
  3. templates/event-template.php
  4. templates/confirm-account.php
  5. templates/page-builder.php
  6. templates/reset-password.php
  7. templates/search-v2.php
  8. templates/taxonomy-template.php
  9. All of files under wiloke-submission folder
  10. post-types/listing.php
  11. post-types/post.php
  12. search.php
  13. author-listing.php
  14. index.php

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