My Footer is missing

If you are using Elementor Pro to customize Header / Footer a page, please make sure that the Page Template is set to Wilcity Page Builder or If please add the following shortcode to your page through Shortcode Element:


Wilcity Child Theme

If you are using Wilcity Child Theme, and the following files have been added to the Child Theme, you must add the below code before get_footer();


List of files:

  1. templates/search-without-map.php
  2. templates/confirm-account.php
  3. templates/event-template.php
  4. templates/confirm-account.php
  5. templates/page-builder.php
  6. templates/reset-password.php
  7. templates/search-v2.php
  8. templates/taxonomy-template.php
  9. All of files under wiloke-submission folder
  10. post-types/listing.php
  11. post-types/post.php
  12. search.php
  13. author-listing.php
  14. index.php

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