My event does not show up neither Search page or Listing Grid

In Wilcity, all Expired Events will not be hidden automatically.

So, What is an expired Event?

Please click on Events -> Your Event -> Event Settings. If your event date is empty or Today is greater than Event Ends On, this Event has been expired

To resolve this issue, there is 2 solutions:

  1. You should set up Event Settings and make sure that the Ends on is greater than today
  2. Or you can go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Search Settings -> Showing Expired Events: Yes

If You insert the Event date already and click Update button. And then You refresh the browser and the Event Date is blank still, which means your database is using MyISAM engine.

In this case, You need to change the database to InnoDB engine, You can use this plugin Simple MyISAM to InnoDB to resolve this issue.


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