How Review System works?

I. Adding Review Categories

Except for Event (Using comment only), You can create Review Categories for each Directory Type.

Please follow these steps below to Enable and create a Review Categories for your Directory Type:

  1. Click on Wiloke Tools -> Your Directory Type Settings -> Review Settings
  2. Complete all settings here
  3. To Add a category, please click on Add Category button, please note that  Category key is required.

II. Managing Review

When someone adds a review to your site, you will see this review under Reviews Menu.

Here you can change / delete / modify Review Content, Title and Review Status.

III. Adding a review manually

Step 1: Click on Reviews -> Add New

Step 2: Enter in a Title, Description and assign this review to a Parent ID -> Click Save Changes and Refresh browser

Step 3: You will see Review Scores setting appears now -> Complete this setting -> Click Publish

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