Wilcity Listings Tabs shortcode

In Wilcity, We added a new shortcode called Listings Tabs. The same Listing Grid shortcode, Listings Tabs will display your listings on Grid Layout, but it contains 2 advantage features that helps customer can filter Listings right on the Homepage.

Setting up Listings Tabs on Home page

Listings Tabs is available on the 3 page-builders: King Composer, Elementor and Visual Composer, so it’s not depends on what page builder you are using. In this tutorial, I will use King Composer page-builder, You can do the same on the rest page-builders.

Step 1: From the admin sidebar, click on Pages -> Your homepage -> Click on Add New shortcode Icon

Step 2: Now, search for Listings Tabs shortcode -> Click on this shortcode

Step 3: Understanding Get Listings In, Get Terms Type, Post Filter Type, Toggle View more setting

Get Listings In

Get Listings in the specify Taxonomy. There are 2 options: Listing Category and Listing Location.

Get Terms Type

There are 2 options Get Term Children and Specify Terms.

For instance, We have 4 Locations: New York, San Francisco, Last Vegas, USA, and USA is parent category of New York, San Francisco, Last Vegas

If you select Get Term Children as Get Terms Type mode, and select USA for Listing Location field setting => New York, San Francisco, Last Vegas will be shown up on Listings Tabs as its navigation

If you select Specify Terms on Get Terms Type mode, only Listing Location that listed on Location setting field will be shown up.

Post Types Filter

This setting allows customers can Filter Listing Type right on HomePage.

For instance: If you click on Last Vegas and switch Listing Type to Event, it will show up Events in the Last Vegas location.

Toggle View More

If you select Enable, the View More button will display like the screenshot above. The URL of view more button depends on your Filter.

EG: When selecting New York and Event Listing Type, the View More url will contains New York location and Event listing Type. But if you click on Last Vegas, the View More url will replace New York with Last Vegas. In other words, It’s a DYNAMIC URL.


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