Wilcity Bulk Import plugin

Wilcity is compatible with WP ALL IMPORT, which means you can migrate from another theme to Wilcity. 

1. Installing WP Bulk Import and WP ALL Import

  1. From the admin sidebar, click on Plugins -> Add New -> Search for WP All Import -> Install and then activate it
  2. Download wilcity-bulk-import
  3. Click on Plugins -> Add New -> Choose File -> Upload Wilcity Bulk Import -> Activate it

2. Exporting data with WP All Export

  1. Click on Plugins -> Add New -> Search For WP All Export -> Install and Activate it
  2. Now you will see WP All Export on your admin sidebar -> Click on it  -> Export data

3. Importing data with WP All Import

  1. From the admin sidebar, click on All Import -> New Import
  2. Select Upload a file or  Download from URL
  3. Find CSV file and upload.
  4. Select New Items -> Listings next
  5. Click on Continue to Step 2
  6. Click on Continue to Step 3
  7. Expand Migrating to Wilcity: Drag the fields (Example: title, content) from the right column into the respective listing fields on the left.
  8. Under Taxonomies, Categories, Tags check Listing Locations, Listing Categories, and Listing Tags and drag the Location, Category, and Tag from the right column.
  9. Click on Continue to Step 4
  10. For Unique Identifier, click enter Auto-Detect
  11. Click on Continue
  12. Click on Confirm & Run Import and wait until it says Import Complete!
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