Wilcity App is compatible with SDK 45 now

As the title, Wilcity App is now compatible with SDK 45.

To update to this SDK, please follow these steps:

#1 Log into your ThemeForest account

#2 Go to Download area

#3 Download Wilcity package

#4 Extract the package, You will see wilcity-app.zip

Unzip this folder

#5 Before rebuilding your app, make sure that:

  1. You are using node 16 at least (We recommend using node 16.13.1 – You can easily download node version with NVM )
  2. You are using the latest version of EXPO
  3. Using cd command line and navigate to the wilcity-app folder.
  4. Run the following command line
rm -rf node_modules yarn.lock .expo .expo-shared 
yarn &&
yarn add expo &&
expo upgrade 45

#6 Replace the default configuration (like website, logo, icon, etc) with yours. Finally, rebuild the app.

#7 To run simulator, please run:

expo start -c 

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