Showing up WooCommerce Booking on Single Listing

Make sure that WooCommerce Booking is set up already

Step 1: Enabling My Room Sidebar Widget

  1. Log into your site
  2. Click on Wiloke Tools -> [Your Directory Type] Settings
  3. Navigate to Single Sidebar
  4. Drag My Room to Used Fields area -> Enable this section
  5. Finally, Click Save Changes

Step 2: Adding a product

Please follow to this article to know how to adding bookable product.

Creating a Bookable Product

Step 3: Assigning your product to a Listing

  1. Click on Listings (Or your Directory Type) -> Your Listing
  2. Search for My Room setting
  3. Assign Product that you created at step 2 to this field
  4. Click Update button
  5. And here is what you see on the front-end 

 Step 4: Adding My Room field to Add Listing area

In order to use this feature, you have to install Dokan WooCommerce Booking

  1. Click on Wiloke Tools -> [Your Directory Type] Settings</strong
  2. Navigate to Add Listing settings tab
  3. Drag My Room to Used Fields field
  4. Finally, Click Save Changes


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