Setup WPML on the Mobile App

Installing WPML and Wilcity’s Plugins

In order to enable WPML on the Mobile app, your site must install the following plugins:

  1. WPML Multilingual CMS
  2. WPML String Translation
  3. WPML Translation Management
  4. Wilcity Mobile App
  5. Wilcity WPML

To install the Wilcity Mobile App & Wilcity WPML, please use Wilcity Service.

Integrating WPML to Wilcity App

String translation

#1 From the admin sidebar, click on WPML -> Themes and Plugins Localization

#2 Under String in the themes -> Check on Wilcity

#3 Click on Scan selected themes for strings

#4 Do the same thing with all Wilcity plugins that you are using.

#5 You should get the following message after completing

#6 Now, click on String Translation sub-menu item (under WPML menu item) and process to translate all strings. You can also use Search field to find the string that you want to translate.

Translating Wilcity Mobile App Homepage

To setup your App homepage, please read Design My App.

#1 Click on WPML -> Settings -> Post Types Translation -> Looking for Pages (page) -> Select an option that you want to use.

#2. From the admin sidebar, click on Pages -> Your Mobile App page -> Click on (+) icon to clone the original Mobile Page Content to a new language.

#3. Finally, translate the Mobile Content to new language.

Translating Your Listing Settings

Please read and follow Multi-language translation with Wilcity and WPML tutorial

Translating Mobile App Menu

It’s the same Listing Settings Translation:

#1 Click on Wiloke Tools

#2 Click on Mobile Menu

#3 Select the language that you want to work on

#4 Finally, translate the Name field

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