Setting up Listing relationship on Single Listing page

Adding Listing Type Relationship to Add Listing page

Step 1: Log into your site

Step 2: Click on Wiloke Listing Tools -> [Your Directory Type] Settings (EG: Listing Settings) -> Add Listing

Step 3: Drag Listing Type Relationships to Used Fields area

Step 3: Complete all settings under Listing Type Relationships setting

  1. Section Key: They key must contain listing_type_relationships_ in its name: listing_type_relationships_[listingTypeKey]. EG: There are 2 directory types: listing, mydirectory. Now, I want to setup a Relationship between listing and mydirectory, the Section Key should like this listing_type_relationships_mydirectory
  2. Listing Type Key: It’s key of Directory Type that you want to show up on this listing. You can find Listing Type key under Wiloke Listing Tools -> Add New Directory Type setting
Listing Type Relationship on Add Listing page
Listing Type Relationship in back-end

Showing up Listing Type Relationship to Front-end

Step 1: Navigate to Single Navigation

Step 2: Click on Add new section

Step 3: Complete all settings there

The content setting should follow this instruction:

[wilcity_render_listing_type_relationships title={{My Title}} description={{My Description}} key={{listing_type_relationships_with_mydirectory}}]

Note that key param is the Section Key that you created above

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