Rebuilding Wilcity App

Notice: This tutorial is for customers who their app is available on Google Play / App Store only.

When We release a new version of Wilcity App, You will need to rebuild app and re-submit it to Google Play / App Store if you make any of the following changes in app.json:

  • Increment the Expo SDK Version
  • Change anything under the ios or android keys
  • Change your app splash
  • Change your app icon
  • Change your app name
  • Change your app scheme
  • Change your facebookScheme
  • Change your bundled assets under assetBundlePatterns

Otherwise, You just need to click Publish or republish this project … from Expo panel (You will see Expo Panel after running expo start command line):

Warning: You will have to use expo account that you were used to build Uploaded File before (Expo will ask for account at the first time running)

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