3. Purchasing Add Listing Plan and Add event plan via WooCommerce

This feature is available for Non-Recurring payment method only.

I. Completing WooCommerce Basic Setup

  1. From the admin sidebar, click on Plugins -> Add New -> Installing and Activating WooCommerce.
  2. To setup the payment gateways in WooCommerce, please refer to https://docs.woocommerce.com/documentation/plugins/woocommerce/getting-started/sell-products/core-payment-options/

II. Creating an association between Product ID and Add Listing Plan

  1. Now, click on Product -> Add New -> Creating a new Product -> Set a price to this product
  2. Next, click on Listing Pricings -> Add New -> Creating a new plan. Note that the Price in your WooCommerce product should equal the Add Listing Plan
  3. Looking for WooCommerce Alias box -> Set the Product that you created at the step 1 to this form – This step is very important – and please remember that A Product should only belong to an Add Listing plan.
  4. Finally, click Publish button.

III. Setting up WooCommerce Checkout page to Wiloke Submission

  1. Click on Wiloke Submission -> Looking for Check out page Setting -> Assign WooCommerce Checkout page to this setting.

IV. Setting up WooCommerce Payment Gateway

  1. Log into your site
  2. Click on Wiloke Submission from admin sidebar
  3. Looking for Payment Gateways -> Assign WooCommerce to that field setting

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