Invalid security code when clicking Submit Profile / Add Listing

When submitting Profile / Listing, Wilcity will submit Security code as well. If the code does not matched its Secret Security code, Wilcity will deny this submission.

You are getting this issue because You are using a Cache plugin (Or you are using Cache feature on your server), so instead sending the newest Security code, it will send old Security code.

To resolve this issue, We recommend excluding the following URL from cache:

  1. Add Listing page
  2. Dashboard page
  3. Pricing page

To get these pages url, You can go to Pages -> Your page -> Click on View page -> Take a look at your browser URL.

EG: if you are using LiteSpeed Cache plugin, please click on Litespeed cache -> Settings -> Excludes -> Put


to exclude field.

This case, the Add Listing URL is and and Dashboard url is

/* means any character under add-listing/dashboard is acceptable (

If you are using Cloudaways, please read

If you are using another plugin, please ask for plugin author for excluding a page from cache.

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