Integrate Stripe customer portal to Wilcity

Warning: This feature is only available if you are using:

  1. Stripe payment gateway under Wiloke Submission
  2. Recurring Payment Method

What’s Stripe Customer Portal?

Stripe’s customer portal allows your customers to manage subscriptions and invoices. If you’re a Subscriptions user, the portal lets your customers manage their subscriptions (update, cancel, pause, and so on). Invoicing-only users can use the portal to pay an invoice, add a payment method, and more. Click to learn more about Stripe Customer Portal.

Why should We use Stripe Customer Portal?

This is a real problem from one of Wilcity customers, he lost several hundreds dollars in subscriptions because his customers have lost or stolen credit cards and they can’t edit replacement card info on their dashboard. The Stripe Portal Customer solves this problem.

Click to Preview Stripe Customer Portal

Setting up Stripe Customer Portal

Make sure that you are using Wilcity 1.4.22 or higher version. Click to learn how to update to Wilcity 1.4.22.

Step 1: Log into your Stripe

Step 2: Click on Settings menu -> Customer Portal

Step 3: Enable the following features:

Step 4: Log into Wilcity

Step 5: Go to Pages -> Create your Stripe Privacy Policy Page and Stripe Term Of Service Page

Step 6: Go to Wiloke Submission -> Enter these urls to its corresponding setting.

Step 7: Finally, click Submit button.

How it works

If a customer purchases a Subscription Plan through Stripe Gateway, he/she can use Stripe Portal under Billing Dashboard.

It’s available with Customers who purchased the plan before this feature added.

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