How To Insert Google Adsense Code To Wilcity

I. Get Client ID and Slot ID

1. Go to this link to create a Google AdSense account

2. Once you account has been activated, log into AdSense dashboard -> Click on My Ads on the top bar menu

3. Click on New ad unit .

4. Enter in all your information -> Click Save and Get Code -> A window will be appeared like this:

5. Copy the client id an, slot id is what you need. Now log into your site -> Appearance -> Theme Options -> Google AdSense -> Enter these ones to Client ID and Slot ID fields.

II. Toggle Google AdSense on Single Listing

1. Click on Wiloke Tools -> Your Directory Type Settings -> Single Navigation -> You will see 3 boxes: Google Ads1, and Google Ads 2, Select Yes to Enable them.

You can Toggle Google Ads on a Plan by using Showing Google Ads feature


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