How to build Custom Field Block on Single Listing

Step 1: Adding Custom Fields to Add Listing:

Click on Wiloke Tools -> Your Directory Type Settings -> Drag Custom Field Type you want to Add Listing area

Regarding Select Field, please follow this instruction:

optionKey:Option Name|icon_color_rgba(235, 40, 40, 0.48)|icon_la_la-adjust

=> optionKey: it must be uniqued and please do not use Special Characters.

=> Option Name: It’s option name

=> icon_color_rgba(235, 40, 40, 0.48) (optional): Set a color for your icon. It stars with icon_color_ prefix.

To get your color, please go to this website  and follow these steps:

=> icon_la_la-adjust (optional): Option Icon. The icon will be printed on the Front-end. It stars with icon_ prefix then the font-icon code. Wilcity supports 2 Font-Icon: Line Awesome and Font-Awesome. The space in font code should be replaced with _

Eg: If you want to use la la-adjust for this icon, it should look like this icon_la_la-adjust

Step 2: To print your custom field to the Single Navigation or Single Sidebar, please use the following instruction:

[wilcity_render_[field_type]_field key={{your_field_key}}]

For example:

[wilcity_render_select_field key={{my_select_field}}]

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