Notification Debug Feature

Step 1: Before getting to this article, make sure that

  1. Notification Settings has been setup
  2. You are using latest version of Wilcity. You can use WilcityService to check it
  3. You are using latest version of Wilcity App (You can download it ThemeForest)
  4. Make sure that you have an App that submitted to itunesconnect / Google Play and the App has been added to TestFlight (If it’s iOS App)

Step 2: Enable the Notification Debug Mode.

  1. From the Admin Sidebar click on Wiloke Tools -> Notifications
  2. Then scroll down, you will see Debug setting -> Enable it

II. Testing notification by adding new reviews to your owned listing.

  1. Create a new Contributor account
  2. Now, Open your TestFlight App / Android App -> Log into the account that created at step 1
  3. Log into WordPress admin as an administrator -> Create a listing and assign it to the Contributor
  4. Open the listing page and Add a review.

If you get a notification, You can stop reading there because this feature is working well.

Otherwise, go to Wiloke Tools/ Notification -> You will see the following messages:

  1. The Apple Push Notification service key for your account could not be loaded, likely due to a malformed p8 file. Expo needs a valid PEM key in order to deliver notifications to APNs => Please read Fixing iOS Push Notification Issue

Fixing iOS Push Notification Issue

  1. Please go to your Apple developer console, remove the old apple provision profile of your app
  2. Open your Terminal in your app builder folder, then run the commands
    expo build:ios --clear-credentials
  3. After removing all existing key, Expo will asking you provide the certificates again ( Apple Distribution P12 file, Apple Push Key, and Apple Provision Profile file )
  4. When Expo asking the Apple Distribution P12 file, you can use the old one.
  5. When Expo asking the Apple Push Key, please use the P8 file get from Apple Developer page ( -> Step II )
    Then, let Expo handle the file Apple Provision Profile.

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