How Can I use Group Field in Wilcity?

I. Adding Group Field shortcode to Add Listing page

  1. Log into your site
  2. Click on Wioke Tools -> [Your Directory Type] Settings -> Add Listing
  3. Drag Group Field to Used Fields area -> Adding some sub-fields to the Group Field -> Save Changes

II. Printing Group Field To Front-end by using Wilcity Group Field Shortcode

  1. Navigate to Single Navigation tab
  2. Putting [wilcity_group_properties group_key={{my_group_field}}] to Content area
  3. The group key is key you created at step 1

III. Printing Group field to Front-end by using an external shortcode

In this tutorial, We will use Group Field combine to su_label shortcode  – it’s a shortcode of Shortcodes Ultimate plugin – to print the message onto the front-end.

Step 1. Installing Shortcodes Shortcodes Ultimate

  1. Log into your WordPress site
  2. Click on Plugins -> Add New -> Search For Shortcodes Ultimate -> Install and Activate this plugin

Step 2. Setting up Label Group Field

[su_label type=”success”]This is a success message[/su_label] -> This is su_label shortcode structure, so We will need to create 2 fields: Type Field, and Message Field.

Step 3. Adding Shortcode to Single Listing Content

  1. Navigate to Single Navigation
  2. Click on Add New Section 
  3. Complete all Fields setting there. Regarding the Content field, please follow this instruction: [su_label group_key={{my_label_group_field}} type={{type}}]{{is_content_message}}[/su_label]

{{my_label_group_field}}: It’s the key of group field that created at step 2 

{{is_content_message}}: The key that is inserted between [shortcode]mybetween[/shortcode] always contains is_content prefix




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