How can I setup Map Icon?

Wilcity is using Icon Image of Listing Category as Listing Icon on Map

EG: If you are Listing A and Restaurant Category. If the Listing A belongs to Restaurant, the Restaurant Icon Image is using on Map to represent to Listing A.

So, how can You upload Listing Category Icon?

Step 1: Click on Listings -> Listing Categories

Step 2: Hover on Category that you want to upload icon

Step 3: Click Edit

Step 4: You will see Icon Image there -> Upload an icon for it. We highly recommend using an icon of 150 x 150 px

But if you want to setup a Default Icon to all listings:

Step 1: Click on Appearance -> Theme Options

Step 2: Click on Customize Taxonomies

Step 3: Upload an icon for it there.

If a category has a specified icon, this icon will be used. Otherwise, the Default Icon will be used


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