How can I open a ticket on Wilcity Service?

Step 1: Register an account

  1. Visit => Click on Support menu, or you can visit directly
  2. Log into the site with your Evanto account or if you already have a an account, please use it

Step 2: Create a ticket

After logged into, please click on Create a ticket button

Wilcity Service will navigate to Intro step. We recommend you should spend a few minutes to read information here, Your ticket should follow our instruction there as well

If you logged into the site with Evanto account, you will not get the following step. You can simple click Next button if you see it

Next, select I have a problem with a product I purchased on Themeforest

Enter in Evanto Purchase code if you won’t log into Wilcity Service with your purchased account. To get your purchase code, please read

And now, you can create a new ticket.

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