How can I customize permalink in Wilcity?

From Wilcity 1.1.2, you can add Listing Location and Listing Category to Single Listing URL.

For instance, We have a Listing named Wilcity Listing Directory. This Listing belongs to Listing Location Vietnam and Listing Category WordPress.

To customize the listing URL, please click on Appearance -> Theme Options -> Customize Url -> Listings Permalink Settings. We have the following scenarios:

  • 1: %listingLocation% =>
  • 2: %listingCat% =>
  • 3: %listingCat%/%listingLocation% =>
  • 4: %listingLocation%/%listingCat% =>
  • 4′: Now We add Hanoi (The capital of Vietnam) to Listing Location and then assign Wilcity Listing Directory belongs to Hanoi Listing Location. If you enable  “Add Parent Location To Permalink”, The link will look like this



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