Customizing Listing Location, Listing Category page

Step 1: Building Listing Location, Listing Category Template

  1. Login into your website
  2. Click on Pages -> Add New -> Enter in Your Page Title
  3. Set this page to Wilcity Taxonomy Template with King Composer
  4. Similar to the Homepage, We will use Page Builder to build this page. You can insert any shortcode you want to WordPress Editor
  5. Finally, click Publish / Update button

Step 2: Setting up Listing Taxonomy Page Style

  1. Click on Appearance -> Theme Options -> Customize Taxonomies
  2. Set Listing Taxonomy Page Style to I create it myself mode
  3. Now, you will see Taxonomy Settings appear. Assigning the page that created at step 1 to Taxonomy you want (We called Listing Location, Listing Category, Listing Tag area taxonomies). If a Taxonomy Page is emptied, the default style will be used. In this example, I will assign (1) to Listing Location
  4. Click Save Changes
  5. Now go to Listings -> Listing Locations -> Click on any location, you will see the result.

Step 3: Setting up Promotion Listings

As you know, We have some places for promotions on the sidebar of Listing Location, Listing Category and Listing Tag page (Wiloke Tools -> Promotions). And to show up this setting, We will drag these promotion widgets to Listing Taxonomy Sidebar area. But please note that Listing Taxonomy Sidebar only works if you are using Default Listing Taxonomy style. To show up Listing Promotion Widgets on Customize Taxonomy Page, please follow these steps below:

  1. Go to page that you created at Step 1
  2. Take advantage of Columns feature in page builder, We can insert Wilcity Promotion Listing widget like the attachment below
  3. Finally, Click Update / Publish page

Step 4: Importing Demo

If you just install Wilcity, We recommend using Wilcity Import Demo feature.

If you just want to import Taxonomy Page demo, please follow these steps:

  1. For WP Bakery Pagebuilder: Download -> Log into your site -> Tools -> Import -> Select WordPress -> Import it
  2. For King Composer pagebuilder: Download then do the same WP Bakery Pagebuilder
  3. For Elementor: Download -> Log into your site -> Elementor -> My Templates -> Import Template -> Import this file.

Note: you can refer to this article to know how to build a  nice Taxonomy page with Wilcity shortcodes:

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