Create iOS OAuth Client ID & Android OAuth Client ID

To use Wiloke Gmail Login (Premium Plugin), you will need to create a project on the Google Developer Console and create an OAuth 2.0 client ID. 

Get an Android OAuth Client ID

  1. Build a standalone app and download the apk, or find one that you have already built.
  2. Go to the Google Developer Credentials.
  3. Click Create credentials, then OAuth client ID, then select the Android radio button.
  4. Run expo fetch:android:hashes.
  5. Take Google Certificate Fingerprint from the previous step and insert it in the Signing-certificate fingerprint field.
  6. Add your android.package from app.json (eg: ca.brentvatne.growlerprowler) to the Package name field.
  7. Press Create.

8. Copy OAuth Client ID

Note that if you’ve enabled Google Play’s app signing service ( your app already uploaded to Google Play Store ), you will need to grab their app signing certificate in production rather than the upload certificate returned by expo fetch:android:hashes. You can do this by grabbing the SHA1 from Play Console -> Your App -> Release management -> App signing, and then going to the API Dashboard -> Credentials and adding the signature to your existing credential.

Get an iOS OAuth Client ID

If you want to use native sign in for a standalone app, you can follow these steps. These steps assume that you already have it working on the Expo client app.

  1. Add a bundleIdentifier to your app.json if you don’t already have one.
  2. Open your browser to Google Developer Credentials
  3. Click Create credentials and then OAuth client ID, then choose iOS.
  4. Provide your bundleIdentifier from app.json (eg: ca.brentvatne.growlerprowler) in the Bundle ID field, then press Create.
  5. Copy the given OAuth client ID and iOS URL scheme

For Deploying to a standalone app on Android or iOS please follow this doc

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