Build iOS App

I. Create a P12 file

We recommend following this excellent guide on making a p12 fileNote:: this guide recommends leaving the p12’s password blank, but a p12 password is required to upload your own certificate to Expo’s service. Please enter a password when prompted.

II. Create Push Notification Certificate in a p12 file

We recommend following this guide on making push notification file. The same (I), please enter a password when prompted.

III. Create a Distribution Provisioning Profile for iOS

We recommend following this guide to know how to generate a Distribution Provisioning Profile file.

If you build the iOS app and submit again with the Apple Login functions, please run this commands:

expo build:ios –clear-provisioning-profile –revoke-credentials

To generate the new mobile provisioning profiles, to recreate a new provisioning profile with updated capabilities Apple Login inside

IV. Create bundleIdentifier

Open wilcity-app -> app.json -> Replace yourapplebundleid with your bundleIdentifier

"ios": {
      "buildNumber": "1",
      "supportsTablet": true,
      "infoPlist": {
        "NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription": "This app uses the location to show listings nearby you."
      "bundleIdentifier": "yourapplebundleid"

V. Build iOS app

Warning: If you installed Yarn instead of NPM, please run yarn install to setup node modules for the app

VI. Install Xcode

Next, please go to the App Store and then install Xcode.

VII. Submit your App to App Store

  1. Now log into => My Apps => Select your App
  2. Complete all required settings in App Information area. App Description: You should description about your app purpose only.
  3. Finally, Using Application Loader to upload your App to the App Store.

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