Build iOS App

I. Create a P12 file

We recommend following this excellent guide on making a p12 fileNote:: this guide recommends leaving the p12’s password blank, but a p12 password is required to upload your own certificate to Expo’s service. Please enter a password when prompted.

II. Create Push Notification Certificate in a p12 file

We recommend following this guide on making push notification file. The same (I), please enter a password when prompted.

III. Create a Distribution Provisioning Profile for iOS

We recommend following this guide to know how to generate a Distribution Provisioning Profile file.

IV. Create bundleIdentifier

Open wilcity-app -> app.json -> Replace yourapplebundleid with your bundleIdentifier

"ios": {
      "buildNumber": "1",
      "supportsTablet": true,
      "infoPlist": {
        "NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription": "This app uses the location to show listings nearby you."
      "bundleIdentifier": "yourapplebundleid"

V. Build iOS app

VI. Install Xcode

Next, please go to the App Store and then install Xcode.

VII. Submit your App to App Store

  1. Now log into => My Apps => Select your App
  2. Complete all required settings in App Information area. App Description: You should description about your app purpose only.
  3. Finally, Using Application Loader to upload your App to the App Store.

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