Build Android App

1: After install node.js please use: npm install [email protected] -g  instead of npm install like the tutorial. 2: If you can not use exp command line, please use expo instead
Since Wilcity, We will use configureApp.json instead of configureApp.js
If you installed Yarn instead of NPM, please replace npm install with yarn install instead

I. Configuration

1. Extract the package that was downloaded from Themeforest, you will see a folder called -> Extract it.

2. Open app.json, you should replace name, description, slug, version, android -> package with your information. You should read to know more

3. Open configApp.js Replace baseUrl with your website URL, Set your app at colorPrimary

4. Build Standard Alone Android App On Window

5. Build Standard Alone Android App on MacBook

6. Submit to Google Play Store

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