Adding event : dates and times lost

When I add an event via the backend (Events | Add new) after clicking Update, the event loses the Event Settings data entered (Starts, Ends on, Opening at, Closed at) and instead uses the current date and time.

If you get this issue, please do the following step to resolve it.

  1. Log into your site
  2. Click on Settings -> General
  3. If you are using  Custom Time format, please make sure that you are using the following format:
  • j F y
  • F j y
  • F. j y
  • j F y
  • F j, y
  • y-m-d
  • m/d/y
  • d/m/y

Note that You can use Uppercase string or Lowercase string, it does not matter.

EG: J F y, J F Y, j F y are acceptable.

But you can’t put any other character to Time Format:

EG: F, j Y is not acceptable. Only F j, y is acceptable

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