Adding Banners to Wilcity App

Wilcity App currently supports 3 types of Ads: Google AdMob, External Banners and Listing Banners

Regarding Google AdMob, We wrote a tutorial before, you can refer to to know how to setup it

In this tutorial, I will show you how to setup the rest ads on Wilcity App.

Before getting into it, I want to explain what External Banners is and what Listing Banners is.

What’s External Banners?

External banners allows you can show up Banners on your app in a Slider. When clicking on each banner, it will go to an external website link.

Warning: The external link has to used https protocal

What’s Listing Banners?

Some listing owners may want to promote their listings on Special Place on your App and Listing Banners helps to do that.

The special listings will show up on your app in a Slider like External Banners, but when clicking on each banner, it will open its listing screen.

Warning: It only work with Listing Types only. It won’t work with other type like Product, Post.

Setting up these features on Wilcity App

The standard aspect ratios are:


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