5. Add Listing Settings

After users click on “Add Listing” button, and choose a listing type, then choose a plan, they will come to a truly add-listing page. This tutorials will talk about the settings for this page.

A truly add-listing page

* IMPORTANT: You need to set up the add-listing page from 2 places (1) and (2) below:

  • (1) Wiloke Tools –> [the listing type] settings –> tab Add Listing. For example Wiloke Tools –> Listing settings, or Wiloke Tools ->> Restaurant settings, etc. This area is to decide which features can be used for the listing type.
  • But in each listing type, there are some different pricing plans. So to set up for each plan, go to (2) Listing Plans –> All plans –> click edit each plan.
  • So the settings are on a tree mindmap. If you don’t choose to use a feature in the settings (1), you won’t see it in the settings (2). About users, after choosing a listing type and a pricing plan, they can only use the features that were toggled on at both settings, and can’t use the features that were toggled off at settings (2).

So firstly, go to Wiloke Tools –> [listing type] settings. (For example Wiloke Tools –> Listing settings, or Wiloke Tools ->> Restaurant settings). In the first tab Add Listing, you will see area Available Fields with full features. To use any feature for the listing type, you drag the field down to area Used Fields. Then don’t forget to click Save changes.

  • After drag-drop, click on each field for more settings about it such as changing the label texts, deciding the maximum number of items, choosing icon for the field, etc.
  • You can see the Toggle Bar Is required? inside some fields – Turn it on will make the field become required on the add-listing page and users have to fill-in/do it. For example, you can decide whether Uploading Logo is required or not.
  • Besides many fields we have created, you can also create your own field for the needs by drag the fields named with (Custom).

Secondly, from admin menu, go to Listing Plans –> All plans –> click edit each plan.

Then you’ll see a WordPress editor page. Scroll down to the area Plan Settings – where also decides and sets up the features appearing on the add-listing page for users (who chose the plan). Here the settings are also easy to understand, you can set up by your own. Or if you still want to read more, please click on this tutorials and read the part starting to talk about area Plan Settings.

FINAL NOTE: To website’s owner, you have the admin way to add listing that is: right on the admin menu, click on the listing type you want, then click Add new. (For example, click on Listing –> Add new or click on Restaurant –> Add new or Hotels –> Add new). Then you will be redirected to an add-listing page that looks different from the similar page for users, but in fact, all features/fields are nearly the same. The add-listing page for admin will be decided by settings (1) and NOT by settings (2) (because admin don’t need to pay a plan). The add-listing page for other users is affected by both settings, as said above.

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