1. Add Listing quick guide

Add Listing is a function of Wilcity that allows users (who are the owners of restaurants, hotels, places, …) to create a listing about their place/product with a pricing plan.

After logging in your website, users can click on the button “Add Listing” from Homepage.

Then Wilcity website will redirect to a page where users need to choose their listing type. In the example below, there are four of them (Listing, Event, Restaurant, House). You (the website admin) are the one who created them.

As the Admin: to create more Listing types for users like these: from admin menu, click on Wiloke Tools –> Add Listing Type.

To create Listing types

After users have chosen their listing type, they will come to a pricing page. The pricing page is designed separately for each listing type so they can be very different from each other. Below are examples of two pricing pages after I choose Listing vs after choosing Event.

As the Admin: to set up the pricing page for each Listing Type: Firstly, you need to create each pricing plan by clicking on Listing plans from admin menu. (The instructions to create a pricing plan is Link.)

To create and set up Pricing Plans

Secondly, from admin menu, click on Wiloke Submission –> Wiloke Submission again. Then scroll down to the area Package Settings. Here you will type/select the pricing plans for each Listing type.

Now, the users have chosen their listing type and pricing plan. They will be redirected to the truly add-listing page where they provide information like Logo, Titles, Address, Videos, Tickets, Calendar, etc.

The truly add-listing page

As the Admin: you also set up this add-listing page singly for each Listing type. From admin menu, click on Wiloke Tools –> [the listing type] Settings. (For example Wiloke Tools –> Listing Settings or Wiloke Tools –> Restaurant Settings). The setup for the add-listing page is in the tab Add Listing.

That are all places you (admin) need to go in order to do all the settings for function “add-listing”. This post is just a quick guide. But you can try them by your own right now. Or you can continue the series to read more details.

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