7. Checkout Step

If you want to use Free Add Listing mode, please read Enabling Free Add Listing mode In Wilcity

On the preview step, Customer will see 2 buttons: Edit Listing and Pay & Publish.

If Customer clicks on Pay & Publish button, the Browser will be redirected to Checkout step, and

there are 2 scenarios here:

  1. Customer will pay through Wiloke Submission
  2. Customer will pay through WooCommerce

Wiloke Submission Checkout is a feature that built-in Wilcity. The are 3 gateways that supported by the Wiloke Submission: PayPal, Stripe and Direct Bank Transfer.

WooCommerce Checkout: PayPal and Stripe won’t support all countries, so WooCommerce is best solution for this case. Each Add Listing Plan can be understood as a WooCommerce Product.

To learn more how can We setup the Checkout feature, please read Wiloke Submission

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